Saturday Night Fever!

The charity raffle for NWAC on Saturday night has always been one of the most exciting parts of the Festival.

The raffle will work like this: First, you buy raffle tickets from one of our many wonderful Splitfest volunteers. Second, you visit the prize table, before the raffle begins, to get an idea of what is available. Third, when the raffle begins you wait for your ticket number to be called and if you have a winning ticket, you bring it with you to the main table to claim your prize. Once your ticket number is verified by a Splitfest Volley, it’s your privilege to choose the next winning ticket from the raffle box. Finally, you are handed your prize and fight your way back to your beer, hopefully it’s still there!

Tips for a successful raffle:

Pick the best line to the front of the crowd to get there as quickly as possible. Remember, look between the trees. If you stare right at the obstacle, you will hit it!

Make sure you choose someone to watch your beer before the raffle begins. You don’t want to be delayed trying to ask a disgruntled raffle looser to watch your beer while you run up to the front and claim your brand new splitboard!

No one has ever won a Splitboard with just one ticket! Buying as many tickets as you can will increase your chances of winning that once in a lifetime prize!

Bring lots of “American” money from home because this raffle will empty the local ATMs.